Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Events

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What is a Facebook event?

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Facebook Events are a way for members to let friends know about upcoming events in their community and to organize social gatherings. You don’t have to be the big man on campus or the most popular girl at school to make on. Events are created by anyone and can be open to anyone or made private, where only the people you invite see it. You can invite friends, members of a group or fans of a page.

When it comes down to it, events spread the word quickly, reaching thousands of people in a short period of time. On the event page is an RSVP list with columns for attending, not attending, maybe and have yet to respond. If the event is public and someone RSVPs that they are attending, that will show up on that person’s newsfeed, showing their friends. If the event is open to all, then the attendee’s friends can decide if they would like to attend as well. If you’re worried that people will forget, don’t worry about it. As the date of the event approaches, a reminder pops up on attendees’ home pages.

How do you use it?

Go to the Events tab on the left side of the home page and click create an event in the upper right corner. You must include an event name and time.

Name Change
If you thought of a more creative name for your event and want to change it because you don’t want to sound lame, it’s not hard to do. Click on edit while you’re on the event’s page and type the preferred title in the name field. You can’t change the name if more than five thousand people are invited or it has been sixty days after you created the event.

Click Invite Friends in the lower left corner or later on go to the event page and click invite friends in the upper right corner. You can allow guests to invite their friends. That setting can be changed. Go to edit in the upper right corner of the event page and click the box by guests can invite friends to allow or deny it.

Group Members
In the gear menu in the upper right corner, click the create event drop-down menu. This will make your group the host of the event. Once the event is created, it will appear on the wall of the group page and members can choose to join or you can invite all the members of the group in the event creation window.

If you list a location on your event page, a map and directions will show up. However, you can change that location or add another one. Go to add/edit on the events left side menu and choose events. Click edit on the top right corner and choose add or edit and type the location in the “where” field.

If your event was so fantastic that it’s happening again, you can create repeat events. Click the gear menu and pick create repeat event. You may keep or edit the details. As far as guests are concerned, they will all be invited to the repeat unless they declined the first invitation or removed themselves from the event.

To send a message to all the people in the event, go to the gear menu and select guests. You can either type a specific name or select all. Once you do that, a chat window will appear. Posting on the wall, however, is more effective for an event page. Using the wall instead of backdoor messaging keeps all the event information in one place and anyone who joins is able to see it.

If you want to add a photo or video to your page, it is the same way for either option. On the event’s page, just post it to the wall like you do regularly. If you’re a guest on a page, you can also post pictures and video the same way to the wall. If the event page is public, the pictures will be available to everyone. If it’s private, only those invited will be able to see. The hosts of the page can remove what they want and don’t want.

Don’t worry if you’re super popular. You can invite an unlimited number of people but only 100 at a time. Also, you can only have 300 pending invitations at once, meaning that some people must respond before you can invite more.

Change time
On the event page, just click edit and then change the time. A notification will be posted on the event’s page. However, you won’t be able to change the time if the event was created more than a week ago or if more than five thousand people are invited. The time zone will match where the event is occurring.

If you need to cancel the event, go to the gear menu on the upper right corner of the event page and click cancel event. A notification will be sent to everyone invited, who hasn’t declined or removed themselves.

Remove People
If one of your guests invited someone that you’re not super fond of, you can delete them. Click on the RSVP header and sort through the names. When you find that name, click the x button next to their name and that person is removed. No worries. If you remove someone, they won’t receive a notification. All that will happen is that they won’t receive any future messages or notifications and the event won’t spear on the upcoming events list.

Party Poopers
If you really want to see who declined your fantastic event, it’s quite simple to discover the party poopers in your life. Go to the event’s page, click the RSVP header and then choose declined. The list of the guilty will be right in front of your eyes.

Why do it?

Instead of calling people and getting their addresses, buying invitations and stamps, writing the invitation and hoping they don’t get lost in the mail, just make a quickie event on Facebook. You have direct access to your friends, most people type faster than they write, it’s for free and you know that people will get it. Plus, it’s a better way to keep up with RSVPs. Those paper cards that can be blown off a table if the ceiling fan is too high are now electronically stored on your Facebook.

Some people like to live life with everything planned out and some of us don’t. If you want to catch a meal or a movie with more than your roommate, you can stick a quick event on Facebook with directions and specifics.

This past summer, Facebook released a calendar view of your events. It’s like looking at a planner on your Facebook. Instead of clicking attend on an event and then forgetting to write it in your planner until the last minute, Facebook’s got your back. You can click events on the left side of your home screen and a calendar view will appear, keeping your super social life in check.

When do I use it?

That’s the beauty of Facebook events. Whenever you want to! If you want to go out on the town with friends, make an event. If you want to throw your dog a birthday party, make an event. If your business is having a promotional event, make an event. If you’re having a watch party for a sporting event, make an event. If you’re watching the Bachelor, make an event. If you’re planning a surprise birthday party, carefully make an event.

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