How to Set Up a Bluetooth Device

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Insert a Bluetooth receiver into a USB port.

Many wireless mice come with their own receivers (and often their own technology), but not all of them do. If you find that your new Bluetooth mouse doesn't have an included receiver -- or if your current receiver is now broken -- setting up a new one is a piece of cake. These simple instructions will walk you through the process.

Although these instructions use a mouse as the device to be set up, this process will also work with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In this case, we used the Eclipse Touch Mouse as the demonstration device.

To begin, insert the Bluetooth receiver into a USB port. If your device doesn't come with a Bluetooth receiver, you can pick one up from most electronics retailers.

These screen shots are from a laptop operating on Windows 7.

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Click on the Bluetooth Devices icon on the bottom of the screen.

If the icon doesn’t automatically appear, click on the upward-pointing arrow to reveal the Bluetooth symbol (the symbol we’ve circled in red).

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Click “Add a Device.”

The computer will begin to search for the mouse or other device.

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Click the “connect” or “pair” button on the mouse.

The device will usually have an indicator light that will begin to flash to indicate it is ready to pair.

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Select the device once it appears and click “Next.”

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The device should be properly installed.