What is a TGA File?

How to Open, Edit, & Convert TGA Files

Picture of the TGA file icon

A file with the TGA file extension is a Truevision Graphics Adapter image file. It's also known as a Targa Graphic file, or just TARGA, which stands for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter.

Images in the TGA format may be stored in their raw form or with compression, which might be preferred for icons, line drawings, and other simple images. This format is often seen associated with image files used in video games.

The Targa format was originally designed in 1984 by Truevision, which was later purchased by Pinnacle Systems in 1999. Avid Technology is now the current owner of Pinnacle Systems.

How To Open a TGA File

TGA files can be opened with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, Corel PaintShop Pro, and probably some other popular photo and graphics tools as well.

If the TGA file is of a relatively small size, and you don't need to keep it in the TGA format, it may be much quicker to just convert it to a more common format with an online file converter (see below). Then, you can view the converted file with a program you probably already have, like the default photo viewer in Windows.

Note: If your file isn't opening in any of the programs I mentioned, you might be misreading the file extension. Be sure to double-check that you're not confusing a TGZ or TGF (Trivial Graph Format) file with a Targa Graphic file.

How To Convert a TGA File

If you're already using one of the image viewers/editors from above, you can open the TGA file in the program and then save it to something else like JPG, PNG, or BMP.

Another way to convert a TGA file is to use a website or program from this list of Free Online Image Conversion Service or Software Program.

Online file converters like FileZigZag and Zamzar can convert TGA files to popular formats as well as ones like TIFF, GIF, PDF, DPX, RAS, PCX, and ICO.

You can convert TGA to VTF (Valve Texture), a format commonly used in video games, by importing it into VTFEdit.

A TGA to DDS (DirectDraw Surface) conversion is possible with Easy2Convert TGA to DDS (tga2dds). All you have to do is load the TGA file and then pick a folder to save the DDS file in. Batch TGA to DDS conversion is supported in the professional version of the program.

More Help With TGA Files

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